Korea Designated New Global Offices to Support K-Smart Farm Export

Korea Designated New Global Offices 

to Support K-Smart Farm Export

In 2024, five regional trade offices of the Republic of Korea (in Riyadh, Kuwait, Almaty, 

Baku, and Melbourne) are on a mission to provide intensive support to Korean companies 

exporting goods and services related to smart farming.

Sejong, 21 February 2024 — The exports and construction project orders of smart farms more than 

doubled from the previous year to reach USD 296 million in 2023. With this record, the smart farm 

sector is emerging as a new export industry. 

In February, as part of the efforts to keep the export growth on an upward trajectory, the Ministry 

of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency 

(KOTRA) designated five trade offices in three regions—the Middle East, the Commonwealth 

of Independent States (CIS), and Oceania—as trade offices dedicated to support smart farm export, 

and thus established a system to support Korean companies in exporting smart farms and winning 

a contract for smart farm construction. 

In September 2023, the ministry designated the trade office in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 

as the first trade office oriented toward the support for smart farm export. This year, the ministry 

imposed the role on four additional trade offices in the regions.  

Korean companies seeking to enter those markets can receive support through the trade offices in 

the following aspects: (a) getting legal advice from local law firms, (b) finding collaborative projects 

and buyers, (c) carrying out market research in those regions, and (d) addressing problems faced 

by Korean companies while carrying out projects.

Also, through collaboration with the trade offices, the agriculture ministry and the KOTRA plan to 

expand their concerted efforts this year to support smart farm export on various fronts, including 

holding a K-Smart Farm Roadshow.