16 countries with advanced seed to discuss international criteria to strengthen variety protection right of vegetable crops

◈ Korea Seed & Variety Service held the '53rd Technical Working Party for Vegetables (TWV) of International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV)' in Korea.




○ (Overview) May 20 (Monday) - 24 Friday, 2019, 5 days / 16 countries x 30 personnel

* US, China, Japan, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Scotland, Tanzania, Czech Repuglic, Turkey

○ (Key Purpose) To strengthen rights of holder of new variety by discussing international screening criteria to vegetable crops between UPOV member nations, and to seek cooperation measures to operate varying new variety protection policies by country in mutual harmony

◈ This discussion is expected to provide an opportunity to promote the operating outcome of new plant variety protection policy in Korea and exchange information about protection right screening with academia, researchers and industries involved in vegetable breeding