Completed ASF Quarantine Measures in Bordering Regions, Inspecting Quarantine Status Daily
Completed ASF Quarantine Measures in Bordering Regions, Inspecting Quarantine Status Daily
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Miniter Gae-ho Lee) announced the results from the emergency quarantine measures in bordering regions and 'Strengthened African Swine Fever (ASF) Response Measures' that has been discussed from the agenda adjustment meeting (June 5, 2019) led by Prime Minister Nak-yeon Lee since North Korea's official report (May 30, 2019) of ASF occurrence to the OIE.

1. Result from Emergency Quarantine Measures in Bordering Regions
The results from the emergency quarantine measures on May 31 through June 4 are as follows.
All hog farms negative on ASF serum test
The 'serum test', which was originally due by June 7, was completed on June 4.
ㅇ All of the 342 farms were negative except 5 farms that were temporarily closed.
From inspecting 347 farms* by dispatching 143 inspectors in 70 groups (MAFRA, QIA and local governments, teams of 2) to farms, all farms were free of suspected symptoms of ASF.
Completed Inspecting Field Quarantine Measures
Considering the possibility of ASF infestation from wild boars, 4 pasturing farms in bordering regions (168 heads) were prohibited to put pigs on pasture.
ㅇ After the prohibition of pasturing, it has been confirmed that the pigs are bred in pigsties.
Fences were installed in 232 out of 347 farms (67%), and 115 farms that failed to properly install fences were guided to promptly install and supplement fences.
Also, by completing base disinfection facilities (10 facilities) and control stations (10 stations) by June 5, livestock related vehicles travelling in 10 bordering cities and counties will be disinfected.
Strengthening Promotion & Observation
Daily observation by phone* was performed on 347 farms during June 1 - 4, and text messages of necessary matters were sent to farms that do not answer.
* Constant inspection and supplementation of fences and removal of residues around farms, etc.
ㅇ From the observation by phone, livestock quarantine officers visited 7 farms that did not answer for 3 consecutive days for inspection.
MAFRA announced that it "completed building the initial defense line on the bordering regions" and that "quarantine measures in 10 bordering cities and counties are complete and serum test results were all negative".
2. Discussion of Agenda Adjustment Meeting on 'Strengthening ASF Responses'
mAFRA announced the results from 'Strengthening ASF Responses' discussed from the National Agenda Inspection & Adjustment Meeting led by the Prime Minister on June 5.
Strengthening Joint Response System of Relevant Ministries & Local Governments
For full governmental efforts, MAFRA and relevant Ministries have promoted the director of 'Consultative Group of Relevant Ministries' to Deputy Minister of MAFRA.
ㅇ A cooperative system will be established in 4 areas such as ① border quarantine, ② crack down on illegal livestock goods, ③ control of feeding leftover food, and ④ wild boar control.
ㅇ And an emergency contact system between agencies was established to immediately convene and take response in the event of an accident.
To share progress on quarantine measures and to instantly resolve difficulties on site, joint video conferences are held daily between relevant Ministries and local governments.
ㅇ Situation rooms were installed in Incheon, Gyeonggi, Gangwon-do, and 10 bordering cities and counties.
Strengthening Quarantine in Bordering Regions
Farms in bordering regions and local governments jointly perform virtual quarantine training (CPX) in June, inspect for possibility of immediate dispatch of quarantine items, stamping out manpower and military-police quarantine manpower & equipment, and identify and take measures to areas of improvement.
Also, the ASF reporting call center is set up under a shortcut key (or a favorite) in livestock farmers' and village leaders' mobile phones in the region to enable prompt reporting of accidents.
Supplementary Measures to Border and Domestic Quarantine
Additional fences will be installed, 115 in 10 bordering cities and counties, and 105 in bordering cities and provinces (Incheon, Gyeonggi and Gangwon).
ㅇ In addition to 454 already installed traps, 514 traps will be secured and installed nationwide.
Simultaneous inspection and disinfection will be held in 6,300 nationwide hog farms (week starting June 10), and 46 nationwide base disinfection facilities will be simultaneously operated (from June) to strengthen disinfection of livestock related vehicles.
ㅇ Officials responsible for farms (2,730 officials) will visit farms to check for ASF suspected symptoms, fences and deterioration status.
ㅇ All farms will be disinfected in and out each week and quicklime will be sprayed on farm access roads in vulnerable farms such as those that feed leftover food.
The Office for Government Policy Coordination and MAFRA will jointly monitor quarantine goods in local international airports and ports (7 airports and 4 ports) and inspect ASF related promotional sites to strengthen management of quarantine sites.
ㅇ Special promotion will be performed in the connecting bridge to the arrivals hall by circulating leaflets about imposition of penalties on illegal imports of livestock goods to travellers from affected countries.
Byung-seok Oh, the director of Food Industry Policy Office of MAFRA said "We will continuously keep a keen eye on performance and results so that our progress on quarantine measures are properly executed on site" and said "Through video conferences, we will meticulously inspect quarantine situation and in preparation for additional spread of ASF in North Korea, we will take prompt response to any additional quarantine situation".