Minister Gae-ho Lee, Urges Prevention of ASF
Minister Gae-ho Lee, Urges Prevention of ASF
On 31 May, Minister Gae-ho Lee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs visited base disinfection facilities and hog farms in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do to inspect progress on quarantine measures to ASF and urged to strengthen quarantine at borders to prevent infestation of ASF, which occurred in North Korea.
On his visit to the quarantine site, Minister urged to take the situation of ASF occurrence in North Korea seriously and to take quarantine measures of 'Serious' crisis warning by setting up 10 bordering cities and counties as 'specially managed areas'.
* Ganghwa-gun, Ongjin-gun, Gimpo-si, Paju-si, Yeoncheon-gun, Cheolwon-gun, Hwacheon-gun, Yanggu-gun, Inje-gun and Goseong-gun
○ He instructed to install and operate control stations on major roads and base disinfection facilities in 10 cities and counties, perform simultaneous disinfection and spray quicklime in all hog farms in bordering regions, and early complete installation of wild boar blockades and traps by June.
Considering the possibility of infestation through infected wild boars, Minister emphasized the need for full quarantine measures to ASF.
○ And he urged livestock farmers' cooperation to refrain from feeding leftover food, replace with compound feed, and refrain from putting out pigs to pastures in bordering regions to prevent contact with wild boars.