MAFRA, took Measures to Inflow of Fall Armyworm
MAFRA, took Measures to Inflow of Fall Armyworm
◈ (Infestation Status) Spread to 93 countries worldwide (13 South American, 43 African and 8 Asian countries, etc.), and rapidly spreading in China since first introduction in January 2019
* Mainly affects corn / Africa 20% (5% of global production), India 1.2 - 9% (0.5% sorghum), Sri Lanka 10%, Thailand 25 - 45%, China 5 - 10% (estimate)
⇒ It cannot survive winter, therefore the possibility of inhabitation in Korea is low, but repetitive damage is expected by flying from China (severity of damage varies by crop)
◈ Strengthen preventive & control measures to prevent domestic damage
○ (Quarantine Chemicals) Register on authority* pesticides recommended by the FAO (10 types) and those registered in the US (13 types) and provide quarantine measures (by the end of May)
* The director of RDA may change registered items (applicable diseases, pests and crops, etc.) when considered urgent to control disease and pests (Paragraph 6, Article 14 of Agrochemicals Control Act)
** Applicable Crops: 26 crops including corn, rice, sorghum, beans, cabbage, and pepper (To be additionally registered as needed)
*** Preferentially registered 6 crops (corn, rice, sorghum, millet, hog millet and Job's tears; May 24)
○ (Strengthen Quarantine) Quarantine of agricultural goods imported from affected countries is being strengthened, and target countries and items will be expanded depending on affected country and quarantine results.
* Double field quarantine volume and expand quarantine [Affected provinces in China → All regions (from May 17)]
○ (Strengthen Prevention) Currently investigating from nationwide observational plots (137 places) and trap investigating in major corn production sites (66 sites in 22 cities & counties in 6 provinces), planning to increase visual screening of corn package (300 sites) and trap investigation (200 sites) in early June, and planning to strengthen prevention by installing traps (60 traps) in international airports and trading ports
○ (Education & Promotion) Circulate responsive guidelines and educate farmers